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FieldTrips is a series of video shorts designed to promote hunting, provide an educated, and sometimes humorous look at a variety of hunting topics.  Whenever possible, we try and spark discussion among our members using our FORUM.  We’re all about preserving the Hunting Heritage and showing the “Real” side of hunting.  It’s not about Professional hunters with complete camera crews here, but more about “Average Joes” showing how they do it in the field.

FIELDTRIPS VIDEO STAFF – We are fortunate to have a great group of guys submitting video for our FieldTrips videos.  All have regular “day jobs” and have made it their passion to video their experiences out in the field and share it with you.  CLICK HERE TO MEET THE STAFF

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If you have an idea you’d like to see us cover on FieldTrips, email us and tell us your idea.

Check out the Latest contribution to FieldTrips from CITY BOYZ OUTDOORS

Previous FieldTrips Episodes:

FieldTrips Episode 1 – “The Decision” – In this episode we explain the concept of FieldTrips and we encounter a shot opportunity while walking out from a morning hunt. Should Dan shoot at this angle? You make the call……

FieldTrips Episode 2In this episode you find out whether Dan took this shot opportunity and he addresses the results of our online poll.

FieldTrips Episode 3 - We tag along on a NY Youth Turkey Hunt to see if our young hunter can close the deal on a ten yard shot at Mr. Longbeard.

FieldTrips Episode 4This Episode represents the collective successes of Team FieldTrips and our Members that posted on our forum. It’s a look back at the Spring 2008 Turkey Season and those that were able to submit apost of their success on the forum.

FieldTrips Episode 5 – Follow along with Team FieldTrips on this 2007 Mid November Bow Hunt as Pro-Staffer Brad Smith has some interesting encounters from his tree stand.

FieldTrips Episode 6 – Team FieldTrips fills the freezer on this October Doe Hunt

FieldTrips Episode 7 – An unusual October snow storm finds us going to a perennial favorite stand and attempting to lay down some footage of “Crimson on the Snow”!!

FieldTrips Episode 8 – Come along with Heritage Hunters as we try our hand at some Bass Fishing in an undisclosed location in Upstate NY. Meet “Gary” and learn some of the finer points of how to cast for Bass. This video shows the lighter side of Heritage Hunters during some relaxing summer fishing.

FieldTrips Episode 9 -This FieldTrips shows Dan as he “Mans Up” and tells us about his miss and subsequent mishap in the deer woods on a nice buck. Can we learn anything from this?

FieldTrips 10 – Is a collection of scenes from our 2009 Deer Seasons with some New Faces and Music courtesy of a local band called “Liquid Shame”

FieldTrips 11 -Tag along as the boys go fishing at the infamous “Bass Heaven” honey hole.  It’s not long before hilarity ensues!


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